Bible Study

Central Baptist Church offers an Adult Bible Study for anyone who would like to spend time with God’s word in study and prayer. This is a small group approach to Bible Study with much discussion and personal sharing.

Meets Mondays 10:30 am - 11:30 am

This group meets on a regular basis in our Adult Sunday School room.

We spend the first part of the time in prayer and sharing as we are led by the Holy Spirit. The second part of the time we allow the Holy Spirit to interpret for us as we take a studious look into various books of the Bible. We use a variety of prepared Bible Studies and we often change subjects and emphasis as we see our spiritual needs change.

There is a valuable diversity of ideas, challenging dialogue and new enlightenment at every session. We respect the Baptist concept of Soul Liberty, and provide a safe and affirming environment for each person to express his or her personal revelation without any sort of judgment. The sense of family and fellowship has nurtured a very special and supportive relationship among the members of this group.

In addition to this regular Bible Study at Central Baptist Church, the pastor offers shorter and more specific opportunities for Bible Study and Christian Discipleship many times through the year. Part of our identity as the family of God here at Central Baptist Church in Westfield, Massachusetts includes a faithful committment to Christian Education in process for all ages. Everyone is welcome to join us in any or all of these endeavors.