Central Baptist Church's Mission

Mission Statement

We believe God calls our congregation, Central Baptist Church, to continue the work of Jesus Christ in our community, proclaiming good news through:

  • Promoting meaningful worship,
  • Encouraging spiritual development,
  • Creating and sustaining vital relationships,
  • Supporting mission in our local community and the world.


Church Profile


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Pastor & Staff

Pastor: Reverend Kathleen O'Goley
Email: pastor.cbcabc@comcast.net
Phone: 413-568-0429
            413-813-9360 (Cell)


Administrative Assistant: Barb Gunn
Email: admin.cbcabc@comcast.net
Phone: 413-568-0429
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9:30 A.M. - 2:30 P.M.


Treasurer: Helena Mochak    Assistant: Joe Wynn
Phone: 413-568-0429

Financial Secretary: Bill Stewart    Assistant: Deb MacAdam
Email: cbcabcfinancialsecretary@comcast.net
Phone: 413-568-0429

Choir Director / Organist: Jeanne Gannon
Phone: 413-568-0429
Music & Vocal Choir

Pianist: Merian Rogers
Phone: 413-568-0429
Music & Handbell Choir

Custodians: Gary & Sue Ellinger


Central Baptist Church

Westfield, Massachusetts


Having been led by the spirit of God to love and follow Jesus Christ, we do now joyfully covenant with God and each other:

to walk together in Christian love;
to worship God,
observing the Lord’s Supper and Baptism;
to commit ourselves to prayer and Bible study;
to love and forgive others,
as God loves and forgives us;
to pray for and help others
in times of sickness and distress;
to contribute cheerfully
to the mission of the church;
to share our faith
with our families, friends, and neighbors;
to pray and work for a spirit of unity
among all Christians;
to strive for justice, freedom, and peace
in our world; and
to join with some other Christian Church
when we move from this community.
And that, in every area of our lives,
  we will strive to do God’s will
    to the honor and glory of Jesus Christ,
      our Lord and Savior.  Amen!